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They are going to be the death of me. Someone stop me.


*precisely determines where i should take the next bite of my sandwich*

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Teacher: “Why couldn’t you do homework?”

Me: I was watching something important 



this should be in history books

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Open your eyes.

New age Genocide 

reblogging again

Dangai Jōe - 断鎧縄衣

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Whenever someone refers to the gay community as “queer folk” I imagine us all like woodland sprites, we are the queer folk community, we are born of flowers and fairy dust, we are destroying the sanctity of marriages and corrupting children




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Chef Ramsay hired Horst from Ratatouille.

never forget



When I was a Freshman at The University of Georgia, my step-dad, Bob Haymes, died of ALS.  It seemed the right thing to do to go back to UGA to accept the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.” 

This post is in memory of Bob, but it’s also in honor of my mom.  Ma, know this:  Bob’s music, especially “That’s All,” impacted countless lives. But you impacted his life by loving him and by rekindling the Music inside him. Thank you for showing me what devotion and loyalty look like. I love you, Ma.  w.a.g.b.t.

Thanks to everyone who challenged me and thanks to everyone who remembers to donate when they accept their challenge.  

I’ll leave you with bit of the lyrics from Bob’s song…he’d like that, i think :’-)   

"I can only give you Love that lasts forever.  

And the promise to be near each time you call.

And the only heart I own,

Is for you and you alone,

That’s All.  ….   That’s All.”


Hirunaka no Ryuusei: The girls as boys.

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Love for the dead is pointless. We fight to keep them alive, that is all.

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